Friday, June 12, 2009

Return of the stump speech

If any good has come out of the Mt Albert by-election, it's that of an interested and galvanised political spirit in the greater Auckland region. If one were to find one event that summed this all up, it was the Backbenchers episode at the Neighbourhood Brew Bar the other day. There was many a sleb and media personality locked out, let alone the teeming masses of plebs who came along for the hell of it, stuck on the footpath as fellow outsiders. It was like a Telethon up there.

Next time, we're gonna need a bigger pub and Wallace needs a bigger bell. Screw the booing. Get that floor manager setting the rules of engagement a bit clearer beforehand. We don't get this crap at the Backbencher in Wellington. And please, champagne flutes not corflutes in a pub. Don't block other people's light.

Same same but differently, Colin Espiner pointed to an audience with John Key he helped organise down in Christchurch earlier in the week. This is a fine example of Being There media, away from the spin and bullshit of soundbite platitudes, away from the painted pantomime of studio interviews and back in front of an audience.

If the Press continue video coverage of events like that, they'll be giving the network news and current affairs shows a run for their money soon. Any NZ on Air funding available for that kind of stuff?