Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Our SAS doesn't do war crimes

Attack of l'esprit d'escalier on yesterday's post on the ex-CIA spook (does one ever leave the CIA? I imagine it would be a bit like the mafia) who has come over to preach to the NZ Police some of their steampunk intelligence (part modern, part medieval, complete fiction).

While Mark Lowenthal is in the country, Defence Minister Wayne Mapp might find it a good time to bend his ear about the treatment of prisoners of war captured by our SAS forces. After all, we have our good reputation to uphold, and we wouldn't want our international standing tarnished by their war crimes.

There's also the little matter of those dairy subsidies the USA has plagued us with. The welcome return of our stretched military forces at a time when our national income is hit by US protectionism, might also be an appropriate response to wave under their nose. Any people taken prisoner with the help of NZ's SAS are subject to the Geneva Convention. No ifs, no buts.

Ta to No Right Turn for the heads up.