Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lord it's hard to be humble...

... when Wellington City Council follows your advice almost to the letter. In my submission on whether to allow buses through Manners Mall, I argued in favour of the plan with a few observations. One was to "encourage" private road traffic onto the Dixon/ Victoria/ Wakefield/ Taranaki loop, leaving Manners St for buses only. As a trade-off to opening up Manners Mall to buses, lower Cuba St should be fully pedestrianised.

Well bugger me with a police baton, that's what's happening. It makes sense if you look at this map, which shows that by extending Cuba Mall down to the Michael Fowler Centre, you can link it up with the Waterfront walkway. This stands in contrast to the status quo, where "Manners Mall links Cuba Mall to ... nowhere for pedestrians." There's even my cunning plan for making Mercer St (between the Civic Square and Willis St) more pedestrian friendly, thereby formalising a link to Lambton Quay that plainly doesn't exist at present.

Here's hoping the expansion of foot traffic down lower Cuba will entice the building owners in that part of town to dolly it up a bit more. It's a bit shit, but nothing a lick o' paint can't fix.