Sunday, June 28, 2009

More interesting

A wet weekend's worth of links:

Pop goes the Michael - Best read on the death of Michael Jackson comes from Andrew Sullivan, with Germaine Greer as runner-up.

Where is persiankiwi?

Arts and Letters Daily points to FDR's alternative to Churchill's post-war imperial Iranian solution with the Hurley Plan.

Dry Dry Cleaning - A cloud of beads from the University of Leeds may be the future of laundry washing. The process uses 90 percent less water than conventional washing machines.

When accusations are based on bad evidence - One of my old Auckland haunts, Cafe Cezanne, is taking a hammering after TV3 consumer show Target wrongly accused them of faecal coliform contamination, the culinary equivalent of sodomising baby seals. It will probably be replaced by a Starbucks and be one more distant memory of diversity, like Brazil in K Rd.

Losing Las Vegas - No town is recession-proof. Meet the Dubai of America.

Bad travel experiences - While Cactus Kate has her passport and bag stolen in the City of Angels, John Key gets stood up by Jetstar.

And finally, as seen at the Wellingtonista, an Emo's Ode to Manners Mall: