Sunday, June 21, 2009


What I've been browsing this chilly weekend:

Boing Boing covers NZ's Alan Gibbs' art collection.

Peter at Dub dot dash points out that Oz gyms may be reduced to playing Elvis Presley and Beethoven, as licensing fees for playing music in businesses goes stratospheric:
"Cafe and restaurant patrons could soon be eating in silence, after a proposal by Australia's largest record labels to increase the cost of background music by up to 2000 times."
On a related note, a solo mother in the US is fined almost $2 million by the copyright holders of 24 songs she shared online. The Independent lists the 24 songs that were worth so much. Top of the list is Gun N Roses' November Rain and Welcome to the Jungle. Axl Rose managed to swindle the original band members out of their copyrights dues then, so it's all business as usual here.

Jetstar Airlines gets off on the wrong foot in their opening week with rugby fans and DJs alike grounded at Auckland Airport instead of getting what they paid for.

Tony Wall digs a bit on the two men at the centre of the Napier Siege, Len Snee and Jan Molenaar.

And finally a bit from Kiwianarama on NZ, where men are men and so are the women.