Sunday, September 19, 2010

Supersize My Fiefdom

Voting in the Wellington City local body elections seems a doddle looking as the last few weeks of Supercity Idol grind on. The reality show of the Auckland Slopotropolis has long outstayed its season. At long last the series finale is in sight though. In just over two weeks, we'll finally find out who gets to be Big Brother.

I'm not sure whether Aucklanders vote for mayor under STV or FPP. I'd be surprised if most Aucklanders know either, even if they've received a ballot. The turnout for this mammoth vote will be very very interesting. If I was eligible (i.e. owned a tax write-off shithole rental and therefore a remote control vote), I'd pick Simon Prast as Number 1 and Len Brown as Number 2. I'd rather cough blood than vote for John Banks as mayor.

As for the Vorlon Council vote, a few names are recognisable amongst the many many candidates. But by and large, it's just a long gray list. Literally at times,  especially Howick through to South Auckland, with a sea of empty boxes.

Then there's the local board vote to select. No-one knows what role the local boards will play. Not even the candidates. My guess is they'll be less powerful than the popularly elected eunuchs in the DHBs. For some very unfortunate Aucklanders, the Westies and North Shorties, there's yet another vote on licensing trusts.

Auckland. It'll drive you to drink.