Monday, September 20, 2010

Muppets in blue

Casting the NZ VRWC blogosphere for the Muppet show:

Kermit: David Farrar. Popular "show must go on" frontman.
Miss Piggy: Cactus Kate. Unusual feminist.
Fozzie Bear: Whale Oil. Misunderstood comedian.
Gonzo: Clint Heine. Dubious cunning stunts.
Camilla: Busted Blonde. Broody clucking loyalty.
Sam the Eagle: Stephen Franks. So sensible!
Swedish Chef: Monkeys with Typewriters. Pleasant gibberish with cutlery.
Beaker & Honeydew: Crampton and Hogan at Offsetting Behaviour.
Lew Zealand: New Zeal. For Americans who don't know any better.
Scooter: Keeping Stock. Repeater with occasionally original insights.
Statler & Waldorf: Roger Douglas and Michael Bassett.
Muppet Newsman: No Minister. Absurdities a go-go.
Dr Teeth: MacDoctor. Gospel influences.
Floyd: Bernard Hickey. Economic bard singing about hard rain.
Zoot: John Ansell. Nice tunes, shame about the lyrics.
Janice: Lindsay Mitchell or Homepaddock.
Rowlf: Big News, banging out the blues.
And Animal? I'm tempted to say Rodney Hide. But he neither blogs nor has any sense of rhythm.

UPDATE: On second thoughts, Not PC can easily pass for a Randimal. At least they recognise beauty when they see it.