Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Subatomic telethons

Not a week after the Christchurch Quake, NZ is scrambling its Special Entertainment Services. The NZSO is holding a free concert in Christchurch to help salve the residents' raw souls. Fund-raisers are sprouting up everywhere. Tonight in Wellington alone, Young Labour are holding a fundraising quiz. Up the road and round the bend, Bodega is holding a charity DJ set.

A number of businesses have contributed to relief efforts as well. The cynic in me sez there's a fine line between charity and marketing, but perhaps the shell-shocked inhabitants of Canterbury don't care where aid comes from right now. Unless it is from the US or UN, apparently:
New Zealand had turned down offers of support from the US military, based in Hawaii, and the UN he said. This was met with surprise, [Civil Defence head David Hamilton] said.