Friday, July 02, 2010

Nothing to see here

Good on Russell Brown for maintaining life support for the multi-million dollar faith-based spending story surrounding PEDA. While the MSM scurry around for the latest takeaway receipts from assorted politicians, they continue to ignore the $4.3 million uncontested buffet that Bill English handed to this private company in the budget.

You can buy a lot of pies for $4.3 million. You could almost buy Bill English's house in Karori four times over. Two months and one radio host suspension later, the only thing that has become clear is that the bill stops at Mr English. An OIA request on the relevant Cabinet papers approving the spending would prove enlightening.


One event that seems destined to slip down the memory hole is last Sunday night's military exercise above Wellington. In a country where hermit sheep make headlines, it is simply impossible that this rare event wasn't newsworthy. A short blurb appeared in the DomPost before the noisy Sunday in question, illuminating in its opacity. On the Monday, NatRad's Checkpoint had a few disgruntled residents justifiably complaining about the loud wops late at night, but nothing online in the DomPost.

OK, it was late night stuff and maybe the dramatic art of formation Iroquois helicopters flying like a nocturnal salute to M*A*S*H might have been delayed at the 1 Hour Photo store or something. Tuesday, still nothing. No art, no story. It's as if it never happened.

Even the Wellington City Council press release has evaporated. This is some pretty spooky indication of the state of New Zealand's national security powers.