Friday, July 30, 2010

Carter gets himself, part un

Earlier today on FM talkback radio show The Scissors, former Labour MP Chris Carter revealed the real reason behind his actions against Labour leader Phil Goff yesterday. He revealed that he had short-sold himself on iPredict to fund his future holiday travels.

"I knew I was going to get caught. I wanted to be expelled from caucus. I made a freaking fortune through a range of fronts on iPredict. My remaining time as MP for Te Atatu will be a strange and lonely one in parliament. It makes sense to travel widely in the remaining time I have left there," said Carter, who had recently arrived back in the country from Tibet.

Talk show host Donny Tamihori then questioned Carter on whether getting rich at the expense of the Labour party and his leader was selfish and destructive to party solidarity. Chris Carter said that it was a sign of poor leadership on Goff's part. "If I was leader, I would have sacked me long ago," he said.

The Securities Commission has begun an investigation into Carter and allegations of insider trading and fraud.