Thursday, October 08, 2009

Run for the hills

I just received this in my inbox at 4pm. Better late than never:

AS AT 12.28PM:
As announced by the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management, there is a potential tsunami risk to New Zealand from two large earthquakes off the coast of Vanuatu this morning. The first quake occurred just after 11.00am (NZDT).
People in low-lying areas near the coast and around the harbour should stay tuned to radio stations and be prepared to immediately evacuate areas close to the sea if warned by authorities.
This advice will apply until further notice.
If told to evacuate they should, where possible, take a battery-operated radio and cellphone with them, along with items that are essential for them such as glasses, hearing aid and medicines.

AS AT 1.17PM:
A tsunami measuring 0.04 metres (4cm) has been recorded near Vanuatu.  The threat assessment for New Zealand however remains as indicated earlier, ie it is unlikely to be destructive for New Zealand. 
We advise people to be vigilant around Wellington coastal areas, but we are not asking people to leave at this time.

AS AT 2.54PM:
Tsunami emergency announcement Cancellation Notice now received. Emergency units are standing down.

And now for something completely different: