Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Fifth Spring

I'm not much for anniversaries generally. However, five years ago goNZo Freakpower was born and it hasn't stopped yet. Which is saying something, because I haven't stuck at much of anything for five years; school, university, employers, the girlfriend experience. None of that. But between good friends and this fine blog, it's been good enough.

From small and uncertain beginnings, this beast has grown over 1000 posts long. If it were human, it would be old enough to attend primary school now.

But was has surprised me most about doing this thing, is what gets read. See that spike? That was Iran. That was heaps of anxious and curious people looking for a clue as to what was happening. Glad I could help. Heh. Ayatollah Khamenei; my part in his downfall.

While the various bloggers keep a track of the local blogosphere, the only one that really matters to me is this. I'm OK with this:

Aside from the thrills of accidental popularity, it has been a rare pleasure to craft letters into meaning. Thanks for reading and a special ta to all the fellow bloggers who prod me into thought when the gears get stuck.