Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Hide Bites Dog [owners]

Oh lordy. Rodney Hide, the leader of the freedom and responsibility party Act, has come out in favour of dog owner licencing:
Mr Hide says a review will look at dog laws and question whether local councils are best placed to administer them. Both the SPCA and the Kennel Club say they are better equipped to administer laws than local councils which each interpret laws differently.

Notice the ropes of drool from potential gatekeepers there? And are there any vertabrae in that alleged spine that Act campaigned on last year that haven't turned to jelly?

Mind you, as Bryce @liberation has been showing, they're all as bad as each other. It's not professionalism, Mr Farrar. Bryce said professionalisation. There's a difference.

Morepork Chaser: Johann Hari at The Independent sits down with Gore Vidal, the last smart man in the USA.