Monday, October 05, 2009

Do the bird

Jeez, our native birds are getting a reputation. Earlier in the year, kleptomaniac Keas mugged one tourist. Now a Kakapo rapes a cameraman in Stephen Fry's Last Chance to See:

Are all our native dinosaurs as deliquent as the Kea and Kakapo? Jeremy Wells has returned in Birdland, which only came to my attention through this TV review giving it a thumbs up. First episode features the amount of crap that comes out the back end of the noble Takahe. The Tui and other nectar drinkers are shown to be complete lushes for lolly water.

The parrots are taggers, thieves and rapists. The Takahe are phenomenal shit artists, and the sticky-beaks like to get pissed. Judging from the world famous in NZ dawn chorus, I'd say a lot of those neo-dinos are sun worshippers. Good luck bible-training those birds.

Ah, New Zealand. She's a stunning country.