Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Today in God

Poneke points out that the editor of the hallucinogenic magazine Investigate, Ian Wishart, has complained to Science Minister Wayne Mapp. Wishart accuses Sciblogs of "the site’s anti-religious propaganda and an article by me critical of Sciblogs being used for a scurrilous attack on ACT MP Rodney Hide by a global warming activist."

Wayne Mapp has leapt into action, writing back to Wishart: “I have asked the SMC to review contributions from their bloggers to ensure the content is consistent with both the terms and conditions [of the blog] and the [blog's] code of ethics.”

In other news, Eric Crampton at Offsetting Behaviour points to an article that reckons that Tolkien couldn't be Jewish AND write LOTR. Jews are totally Sci-Fi. Christians are totally medieval.

Oh, I just love religious arguments. They're existential viewing.