Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bits and bobs

# Wellington's Carter Observatory has finished refurbishment and will be celebrating with an Open Day this Saturday.

# Victoria University alumni might be interested in acquiring a piece of Grant Buist's Quad mural:
As part of the Quad redevelopment, I learnt today that my mural is being “decommissioned”, which is a military euphemism for ‘binned”. This mural, which took me four years to paint, is made up of 18 panels, each of which is 1.2 metres wide by 1.6 metres tall, painted on hardboard which varies in weight from damn unwieldy to OMG this thing is heavy. It’s one of the projects of which I’m proudest.

Now, I could bung the entire thing on TradeMe, but I think I’d prefer to give it away panel by panel to people who have fond memories of staring at it in the Quad during lunch. The only condition is that you’d probably have to turn up at Vic and haul the thing away yourself.

So, hover your mouse over your favourite panel, note the title and number, contact me here, and reserve it.
# Peter at Dub dot dash points to this smoking version of I Put A Spell On You, a collaboration between Nick Cave, Chrissie Hynde, Mick Jones, Johnny Depp and others to raise funds for the Haiti quake survivors:

# The Wellington nights are getting colder and the heating bill for the Hobbit Hole is sure to rise. One way to keep warm and stay fed is to bake your own bread. Lifehack gives a quick and easy way to make One Minute Prep Ciabatta bread. Nothing is better than a very low oven proving dough to warm up the room as well as the smells of baking bread to lift the spirits.

# The Story of Bottled Water, brought to you by the same team who gave us the Story of Stuff: