Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Drugs on Tuesday

The Expert Advisory Committee on Drugs, the governmental body tasked with evaluating the actual, demonstrable harms of various drugs on evidence-based criteria, has concluded a review of LSD:
Official documents show the committee felt LSD was inappropriately classified, based on evidence of risk of harm.
Peter Dunne, Associate Minister of Health has announced that under no circumstances will the classification of LSD be lowered. Dim Post rubs it in.

One voice who won't be offering any opinion on the matter is BK Drinkwater, who has recently scored a job with the Ministry of Health. He sets out the new rules of engagement here, following the sterilised muted blog examples of Roar Prawn, Che Tibby and Well Urban. In NZ, we don't lock up our dissidents. We give them jobs in the machine.

Law Commission on Drugs Part 5 soon.