Tuesday, December 15, 2009

White people caused by white bread

At the other end of this year, I had a go at the figment of racism based entirely on UV exposure levels. So I'm particularly pleased to find my intuition reinforced with facts such as why white people are white:
People who live in low latitudes, where they can live off grains, get plenty of sunlight. People who live in dim sunlight cannot grow grains, and so they get vitamin D from the meat and fish that they eat.

The exception? There is only one spot on the planet where grains will grow despite sub-arctic sunlight.

It is where the warm waters of the Gulf Stream wash ashore. The Baltic is the only place on earth where ocean currents keep it warm enough to grow grain despite dim sunlight.
This is crucial news for all the fascist racist BNP supporters and other European neo-Nazis. If anything mucks up that Gulf Stream, it'll be the end of the "white race". In order to preserve their identity, they must support the Climate Change debate or face extinction. Gaia has a great taste in irony.