Monday, December 28, 2009

Jesus gonna fuck you up

The righteous and the restless has been set off over at DPF's on the ODT editorial on intolerance. This has all been brought to a head due to some liberal church's advertising which compelled some loons to act as god's tools of destruction. And what tools. What utter presumption or insanity.

While we're waiting for religious fundamentalism to turn up in the DSM VI as a mental disorder (a pinch of schizo, a dash of messiah complex, and a large cup of delusion), there's always the Dude for advice:

I'm not some fancy city philosopher, but I am the ninth most popular search on Google Images for fundamental doubt. But you don't have to take my word as gospel. The Dude is onto something here. Or try Tom Robbins in Skinny Legs and All for some summer reading. He successfully argues that organised religion bears false witness to the divine, therefore religion is blasphemous.

Checkmate, game, set and match point.

This thing is bigger than all of us.