Friday, November 06, 2009

A bad report

Titus Furius Te Kaumatua
Bowen St Normal School
Molesworth St

Dear Mrs Harawira,

Your son Hone's recent column for the school newspaper has caused dishonour and shame among his classmates and teachers. Hone's story describes his recent scholarship trip to Brussels, where he absconded from the field trip for a frivolous detour to Paris.

Instead of fostering the greater wellbeing of his whanau through intercultural exchange as per the terms of his scholarship, Hone asked his billeted host to write him a sick note excusing him from his duties.

Hone's lapse was bad enough. He then compounded this by bragging about it in the school newspaper. He has set a poor example that other impressionable and misguided children might mistake for a role model. The school cannot allow such flippant insubordination.

I won't detail the precise words Hone used to respond to Senior Master Mr Mikaere, who had attempted to get Hone to admit fault with his various deliquencies. Suffice to say that it was no way to address a kaumatua.

Hone's form teachers, Mrs Turia and Dr Sharples, are becoming exasperated with his behaviour. If his attitude remains uncooperative and abusive, the school will have no choice but to suspend Hone until such time that he does not disrupt the good reputation and learning environment that this school fosters.

Ka kite,

Furius Te Kaumatua