Saturday, October 04, 2008

Modular Living

What would happen if Ponoko started printing out mass customisation houses? The New York Museum of Modern Art has an open air installation of five prefabricated housing designs, called MoMA Home Delivery.
  • System 3 features a laser cut building system with a service unit heart. This heart comprises the utilities; water, power. Further modules surround the heart as living space.
  • The Digitally Fabricated New Orleans House is a flat pack that can be reasonably assembled by two people. No nails or screws used, as structural integrity is maintained through interlocking parts.
  • The micro compact home maximises interior space with an ingenuity last seen in Bruce Willis' apartment in The Fifth Element.
  • Cellophane House made from off-the-shelf aluminium wrapped in a seamless transparent film. It has the ability to go 'off the grid" with photovoltaic cells.
The videos on this page are well worth watching. Hat Tip to Wired.