Thursday, September 01, 2011

Fear and Downloading with Skynet

It's the first day of spring and P2P in NZ is now "illegal". The troll farmers are sowing their infringement notices as we type. Not that the hardcore will get them. It'll be the public libraries, the wifi hotspotters and completely innocent Mums and Dads who'll get the nastygrams in the mail.

Circumvention measures have already been taken by those with half a clue. The torrents will flow. Hell, I'm almost tempted to torrent today for the hell of it and do the finger to the troll farmers. After all, mobile networks are immune to trollers until 2013.

Nope, it'll be the naive who will be cross-subsidising John Key's dinners with Warner Brothers, the unsecured wireless home and business networks who will help pay Rupert Murdoch's legal fees through the guilt-before-innocence copyright notices.

I mean, it's not as if the copyright trolls are balancing things out with making Hulu or Netflix or even the BBC feed available here. And I'm with Aarvark on Labour's cheap shill at the Zeitgeist:
As a footnote -- the headless Labour party has announced this week that it would repeal the 3-strikes provision of the new law. What a bunch of tossers. Much of this stupid law is their doing and they actually voted for it back in April. It seems this is a political party that really has lost the plot and is grasping at any straw in the lead-up to the November elections.
Will the trolls take on the wrong goat? Methinks the troll farmers and lawmakers will reap what they sow.