Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Baseless Security Measures

Tainui Group Holdings, the people who brought you the Hamilton Casino (before SkyCity bought them out), have some strange customs; no bikes or cameras at the mall:
"The cyclists in question were riding on the footpath and filming. Because both of these activities are prohibited, they were requested to stop riding on the footpath and to stop filming."
It seems the mall can sell bikes, but you're not allowed to ride them on their public private property. And good luck preventing the use of cameras on site. I can understand banning cameras in casinos, because technology might just undermine the "House Always Wins" rort, but this nonsense with threats of trespass notices and arrest is plain idiocy.

In some ways, these prohibitions aren't a surprise. Just as the Riverside Casino was built to suck what little life Hamilton city contains out of the region, the Base Borg are gutting the retail life out of the city as well.

I'd boycott The Base, but it has been years since I had to enter Hamilton for any reason at all. It'll be up to the captive Tronians to judge for themselves whether they shop at the Zombie Church with the anti-social security guards.