Thursday, May 07, 2009

We're gonna need a bigger boot camp

Last night Rodney Hide, John Boscowen and David Garrett sowed salt into any chances of me voting Act ever again. Maybe Boscowen's trying to suck up to this Mt Albert voter, pharmacist David Baird:
"They are very difficult people to deal with. They don't spend any money. I don't see that they bring any money into the country. Another problem is their English is very bad."
Baird could be describing any number of Scots. Some of those tight arses need subtitles, and their purses could do with some CRC on the hinges.

But gang patches will be the least of the foaming lynch mob's problems soon. Everyone's putting the boot into National's boot camp. Household Labour Force Survey information, due to be realeased today, foreshadows a youth unemployment rate we haven't seen for some time. Numbers like one in five teenagers unemployed and bored. Fence that.