Thursday, May 07, 2009

Around the blogs

Homepaddock goes to town on busybody townies lording it over the farmers.

Gordon Campbell considers Labour's reshuffle, with a telling point on the Local Government spot.

Matt Nolan, wearing his green chequered Infometrics hat, inspects the opportunity costs of productivity over at RatesBlog. The trade-off between fairness and simplicity continues.

Eric Crampton continues gnawing at BERL's booze report. Here's a taste:
So [the definition of] hazardous drinking is 1.41 ounces of alcohol per day, which is about 35 ounces of normal beer. So two pints of regular beer, 32 ounces, puts you just below the limit for "hazardous drinking".
To paraphrase Bill Maher, what BERL calls hazardous drinking, Russians call "drinking."

I've really enjoyed Bryce Edwards' history of the Act party over at his liberation blog. Maybe I was too close to the action to see it at the time, but Bryce makes sense of it all. He's about to launch into a history of the Labour party. Can't wait.