Friday, August 31, 2007

One card to rule them all?

Brian Rudman has had a bloody good idea. It's called user-pays. But why stop at an Auckland Card? There are so many possibilities:

Devonport Card - Shaped like a wine tasting glass. Discounts on chardonnay.
Parnell Card - Optional razor blade for cutting up fine powders.
Manukau Card - Discounts on solvents & aerosol paints.
New Lynn Card - Free dozen Lion Red with every Lion Red pallet purchased (Limit 6 dozen).
Otara Card - Converts into emergency back-up dialysis machine/ colostomy bag /pacemaker/ liposuction pump.
Remuera Card - discounts on blue hair dye, Home & Garden subscriptions; rebate on ports and sherries.
Piha card - One free taxi fare per year to any Auckland address.