Friday, August 19, 2011

Maori Internet

Just got a text from 2 Degrees:
Time flies. It's 2yrs since you joined us & our quest for better mobile. You were one of our early birds so thank you for your loyalty. The quest continues.

Call me kiwi, but I'm an early adopter of underdogs. I joined Clear the weekend they opened back in the early 1990's, Michael Aspell ads and all. One of the reasons I lived in Wellington was for Saturn's cable network. Alas, Telstraclear dumped this loyal customer a few years ago. Dumped like a Filipino mail order bride.

So I'm giving 2 Degrees a bit of time to sort their shit out on their alleged mobile broadband:

Putting aside the slight variance between kilobytes and KiloBits, you can mask the download speed on your Huawei software, but you can't fool me. Yes, I'm downloading. I have to in order to watch any video without getting dropped off.

Mobile dial-up might be a more accurate name for it. Still, as far as Maori assets go, they're doing a hell of a lot better than Sealord. And don't make me laugh by saying Telecom. They're about as funny as thousands of black cock rings and Sean Fitzpatrick sitting in a pink fist.