Thursday, February 04, 2010

They're flying our flag

On the eve of Waitangi Day, the NZ Herald has busted a gut over the NZ flag debate. The editorial notes that the sky will not fall if we choose a new flag. There's a collage of former British colonies looking like an Andy Warhol twist of unoriginality, with NZ lost in the pixels. They've consulted the oracular Order of NZ members, as well as the political party leaders.

There's a Your Views of Art, showing user generated flag ideas (including moi). Good to see Lloyd Morrison in there. He really helped spark this one off. Audrey Young has her money on a Flag Change Win, using John Key's favourite word on republicanism, inevitable.

Having had my little finger in this pie for a few years, I've come to a couple of conclusions. NZ is a nation of many flags. Flags will most likely become adopted as wind-fluttering ID cards, like heraldry is to the Brit twits, or tartan to the Scottish. It's the one thing all our cultures share, and NZ has more than enough wind to power them.

Let the tino rangatira flag fly for those who identify. I've planted my own flag in the back yard, the good old young goNZo green white and blue, and it'll drape my coffin before that ugly and irrelevant British ensign ever crosses my chest.

Second point, the silver fern is already our unofficial national flag. Just as the current flag was adopted through lacklustre inspiration for alternatives and common usage, so too will some silver fern design eventually get the official nod.