Friday, September 11, 2009

Albatross seen over Rotorua

News just in. The first Northern Royal Albatross of the season has landed safely at Dunedin's Taiaroa Heads.

It was spotted earlier in the day en route for the breeding grounds over Lake Rotorua. It circled over the lake for over an hour, cawing loudly.

Leader of the Opposition Phil Goff got into some trouble when the very large gull swooped at him as he stepped off the plane at Rotorua airport. Mr Goff is visiting Rotorua for the Labour Party conference, and was attacked by the gull as he went to switch his cellphone back on after the flight.

After a brief struggle, the bird managed to wrestle the phone off Mr Goff. It banked over Lake Rotorua and dropped the mobile into the water, before resuming its course south to Dunedin.