Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Koru Lounge Justice Squad

Justice is bifurcating into cattle class rack 'em and stack 'em kangaroo courts and Koru Lounge Justice for those with the cash or connections. Three points of order:

1. Robert Lithgow QC does not hold back on former Justice Minister Simon Power in this caustic look at Legal Aid and Crown Law reforms, and this government's propensity to go shopping for Yes Men instead of seeking to defend the public good. Lithgow concludes that Simon Power did to Justice what he also did to Solid Energy. Ouch.

2. Chris Trotter makes a point that has long nagged at me; that we have the first martial Governor General in over 50 years. Prior to his move from the GCSB to Government House, Mateparae had topped the Republican Movement poll for preferred G-G. Be careful what you wish for, eh.

3. Remember last week's moral panic about 13 year old hookers getting pimped by their families on the streets of South Auckland? It was complete bullshit.