Thursday, April 04, 2013

Escape from Castle Wolfensohn

Pook Farm Software is pleased to announce the release of Escape from Castle Wolfensohn this coming Monday, 8th April.

Escape from Castle Wolfensohn is a First Person Shooter set in present-day New Zealand, where you play the character of Private Sector Contractor John Key, who has inexplicably found himself trapped in GCSB Headquarters (Castle Wolfensohn).

Key must escape the labyrinth intact, avoiding a range of enemies set to destroy him. Although he has a team of Blue Meanies at his side, mortal challenges are presented everywhere, from harmless Shearers - who attack with wet blankets - through to Journos - don't get caught on their recorders! - up to end of level bosses such as the indestructible Ombudsmen.

John Key has a range of weapons to choose from, both innate and available through power-ups. The game begins with Key armed only with a silver tongue and Brainfading, the power to jump between random cul de sacs. The map is littered with quagmires and other natural hazards, and CCTVs must be hacked to prevent them giving away your position to the public.

The Collins Wrench proves more useful in close quarters combat. There's also the English Musket, which spits tax; the Ryall Rail Gun, which not only dessicates its opposition but blinds it with its recoil as well; right up to the Rocket Propelled Joyce Launcher which, while devastating with a direct hit, has a fickle guidance system that can lead to overheating and explosion.

Ammunition is scarce, so conserve it. Most of the time, the best tactic is to run and dodge your pursuers. Brainfading uses mana, and its best to conserve its use too. If you run out of mana, you may have to resort to blowing up a constitutional partition to get out of a sticky situation, and that can make the Quake engine spring even more traps in the castle or worse, bring it down upon your head and end the game.

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