Monday, June 04, 2012


John Armstrong reports from the Green Party's AGM in Silverstream. Good to hear they're working on some protocols for when (and no longer if) they become a potent force in government. The lot of them are governmental virgins, and will face a baptism of fire and pain when they finally lie down in the Beehive and on the Cabinet table.

Labour are still lost in La-la Land, currently looking at raising or lowering the Super entitlement age, depending on the time of the day. Mallard and Little are playing Clowns to Crusher's Keystone Cops. I can't even remember what their Shadow portfolios are any more. Cunliffe still thinks he's the second coming, and there's a cadre of Believers and Enablers still clutching his sandal as a sign of their faith in his miracle powers.

The Greens aren't going to leave all that political territory go to waste, especially when Labour is defending it with all the discipline of the British army on LSD. In all likelihood, the next coalition government with be co-led by Labour and Green party leaders.

In at the deep end. Will they sink like all the others, or will they swim? Don't get delusions of flying when you haven't even packed a flotation device. At least they're getting some swimming lessons in before getting into the Captain's Bunk.