Thursday, March 01, 2012

John Key, Scientology Enabler

John Key's faith-based approach to public policy has had another kick in the nuts. It's not just the Jesus Freaks getting public funding to spread their propaganda. Scientology is at the public tit too, saving the world from drugs and shrinks one dollar at a time.

Kathryn Ryan has an entertaining and revealing talk with NZ Drug Foundation's Ross Bell and former Scientology zealot Paul David Schofield. Topics include the use of state funds for Scientology drug propaganda, the infamous Disaster Zone Earthquake Massages, and the drug intolerant front of Narconon. Scientology New Zealand's Mike Ferris provides a laugh out loud rebuttal.

This is the problem when pollies ignore obvious truths and stick with their destructive War on Drugs doctrine. You end up with your trench fellows being a bunch of fanatical nutjobs with their own agenda. John Key got it right once, when the Religious Right threatened to smother him during the Bradford Smacking Bill. Shame he's falling for the same gibberish idiocy on other fronts.