Thursday, April 07, 2011

Safety Nazis uber alles

# Palmy City Councillors considering new rules to ensure canine phobic children are protected from canines!

# Schools get the right to search all students for drugs, even if there has been no drug problem at the school. Privacy is for terrorists!

# Lest one's child learns responsibility or self-confidence without the loud wopping sound from the helicopter soccer mums and control freak dads, track and trace your child with software!

# Sean Plunket looks at the rules of engagement in the contemporary school playground!

# While the children are treated like infants, the adults are getting infantilised too. Tariana Turia wants to restrict tobacco packaging fonts and colours because, as every smoker knows, we judge a pouch by its cover.

# Auckland Safety Nazis think they can ban smoking in regional parks. Attempts at enforcing this edict is not recommended as being told to fuck off might offend.