Friday, April 02, 2010

The plagiarising monotheistic monopoly of Easter

The Christian religion is the ultimate copyright thief. It nicked the sun god halo and other bits and pieces from the pagans and attributed them to Jesus. They rebranded the summer solstice as Christmas and stole the Harvest Moon and called it Easter.

It's that time of the year when the Harvest Moon is upon us and it's business time for the gardening pagans. Roaming labour inspectors will persecute garden stores that choose to open over this weekend as flocks of green thumbs set to their earthy communion. They will only be crucified a little bit, a $1000 shakedown for blaspheming against the parasitic Easter Christ myth.

"Easter" is blatant theft filled with impossible twists. Friday afternoon to Sunday morning is not three days and three nights. It's cultural vandalism too, as it promotes a legally superior distinction for the Jesus brand compared with other religious beliefs. Easter breaches the Bill of Rights, damnit.

It never pays for any in the Western sphere to get too haughty about Islam either. It wasn't too long ago that Christian dogma had mad dog bark and bite. Here's the Secret Life of Brian. Listen out for the bit about the Muslim extras:

UPDATE: Peter Bromhead says much the same over at the Herald, albeit with more bunnies and buns.