Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Auckland to become slightly more unlivable

If there's one thing that might kill the religion of rugby, at least in Auckland, it could very well be the Rugby World Cup in 2011. Just as London is experiencing an Olympic sized migraine in light of the world financial (soon to be economic) crisis, so too with the city of sails.

John Banks is taking a chainsaw to Auckland City Council capital expenditure. Faced with breaking some election promises in order to fulfil others, Banks hopes to avoid ratepayer robbery by cutting council spending. Some chops are readily excusable. Buying new park land is a 'nice to have but not at the moment' project, and no harm it being shelved.
"I have a good grip on the money and I'm going to be careful. I know I am going to make mistakes and I know there is going to be quite a lot of disappointment about pet projects," [Mayor John Banks] said.
Pet projects to be cut include cleaning up literally shitty beaches and maintaining footpaths (does anyone walk in Auckland any more?). No mention is made on how many council gnomes are in for the chop. But the one pet project that will bankrupt the city, that big and increasingly hungry rabbit known as the Eden Park refit, is left unscathed. Nice stadium, shame about everything else.

Sure as hell, John Banks is no Key-nesian.