Sunday, January 29, 2006

Prof Green, in the wharenui, with an axe

The most interesting place to be in June this year will be the Greens' Leadership Hui. It's going to be a doozy. I'm thinking of joining the party just so I can be there. For the first time since its inception, the Greens have no choice but to make the right decision. Making the wrong decision will finish them off in 2008. Bye bye Greens.

It's a good time to be hanging on to every word Jeanette Fitzsimons said in her speech up in Whangarei. She was telling everyone who it will be. Russel Norman. Thing is, as Chris Trotter pointed out last night on the telly, a co-leader outside parliament has bugger all mana. This is where it gets interesting because by the end of the year, Russel Norman will be an MP. Someone's for the chop.

Although her brand is irrevocably tarnished by doing something so mindnumbingly stupid as a burn-off during a fire ban, Jean will stay on til 2008 to train her successors. Sue Bradford's not going anywhere, seeing as she will also be co-leader by the end of the year. Word from the wise, Sue. It's not charity when you make a press release about giving money. That's called advertising. Shut up and split the increase with Jean, to supplement her reduced income when she stands down as co-leader. Call it your apprenticeship fee.

Neither Sue Kedgeley nor Metiria Turei will be packing their boxes. The former, with a little more guidance and a rational policy platform to defend, has life in the old bird yet. The latter is the nurtured heart of the Green MPs, the long temer. Her legal skills are integral if the Greens are to have any sane Private Members' Bills. Let's face it, it's one of the boys for the axe.

As Chris Trotter pointed out, Keith Locke is getting on and Nandor's typecast. There's still hope for Nandor, especially given his interest in Justice, Electoral Reform and Constitutional Issues. He will have to hit big to overcome his stereotypification, but it's do-able.

Keith Locke, in the wharenui, with an axe. It has to be. He had both the lowest candidate and party votes of any Green MPs in last year's election, living or dead. A candidate vote of 4 percent of turnout, compared with a 9 - 15% range for everyone else, sort of stands out. Wearing body paint through Newmarket after making a reckless gamble is hardly going to increase his charisma. He's spokesperson for fuck all, and just as well because no-one pays him any attention. He is the weakest link.