Saturday, January 21, 2006

Don/Key Kong

You can tell Waitangi Day is almost upon us. Like groundhogs, pundits are blinking in the springtime of NZ's political voodoo, awakening to all the possibilities that 2006 portends. And there's a lot of possibilities to consider. Labour have to get their heads around third term existential musings. The Greens and NZ First have to find new messiahs or face extinction in 2008. Act has to find a new president, preferably one experienced in coralling chickens. And what the hell are the Nats going to do for a leader?

Not that this bothers me from an ideological position. It'll be a snowy day in Orkland the day I vote for the National Party. However, a strong opposition is a significant check on stupid government and there will be a lot to be stupid about in the next 12 months.

Something's got to change. Perhaps a leadership challenge would be good for the Nats, get those alpha males beating their chests and proclaiming why they should be pack leader. Don Brash would gain mana for having some scars on his face, distilling his aversion of PC-ness into testosterone. Good way to pull the chicks too.