Friday, October 19, 2012

Binders of Authority

While the Romneyshambles' latest gaffe gives birth to a new internet meme, there's a few other binders of interest going around.

Binders of Boy Scouts showing a Catholic Church-like burying of historical sexual abuse in the US Scouting movement, colluded by police and other pillars of the community.

Binders of Police; the Attorney-General's office has released an update on how the police are adapting to Margaret Bazley's recommendations brought on by the Louise Nichols scandal. The short answer is very slowly. Police mouth Greg O'Connor sez the police culture cannot change without a lot more money. In the underworld, this is known as a protection racket.

Ah well, at least they haven't tased a blind man after mistaking his walking cane for a samurai sword. Yet. However, the family of the innocent courier driver shot dead by the AOS on the Auckland motorway have been granted access to legal aid to sue the police. So there's some justice, at least.