Monday, November 14, 2011

Now That's What I Call Pap

Do you want to groove along to John Key's rockingest hits? Sing from the same songbook as Paula Bennett? Then you need Now That's What I Call Pap 2011! Featuring dance hit the Mucky Rena!

Have you heard about the ship they call the Mucky Rena?
She's beached as bro on the Astrolabe Marina
Slowly breaking up leaking oil and containers
Hey, Mucky Rena!

Croon along to SOE Sold Cheap:

SOE sold cheap
Everybody owns one.
SOE sold cheap
To buy schools and prisons.
Funny thing
This money fling won't do anything
For long term growth or jobs.
It's just a short term fix for business groups
To shut their quarterly gobs.

Enjoy the folksy charm of I Am a Sock:

I've built walls
In mighty Ohariu
A stitch up clean and true.
I have no need of thinking; thinking causes pain.
It's being out of power I disdain.
I am a sock
I am a muppet.

Dress up in your government-issued uniform, grab your pepper spray and baton, and rock out to I Am the Law and the Law Rules!

Arresting scum and doped fools
I am the Law and the Law Rules!
I am the Law and the Law Rules!
All I need now is the right tools
I am the Law and the Law Rules!

When will Judy give me a gun?
To stop dead all of those drug mules?
And beat suspects with instead of stools?
I am the Law and the Law Rules!
I am the Law and the Law Rules!

Don't forget Anne Tolley's favourite NZ sea shanty, Failing:

So we're failing
One out of five
They'll never get help that they need.
They're failing
Rotten apples, ditched by middle class fear
So they're failing
Underclass overboard
We'll never see them again.
Out sight, mind. Their parents don't vote.
So we'll have no problems there.

Get your copy now! Available from all music retailers, in association with Radio Jive.