Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Let's Go Native

Well, it's been a while since Cliff Curtis was Stereotypical Foreigner #24 in Hollywood. Three Kings, Bringing Out the Dead, they were beauties. Die Hard 4, 10,000 BC and Eddie Murphy's latest clanger, not so much. The 90's reduced to resuscitating the 80's, eh. Poor bugger.

The point remains that NZers can fit in anywhere in this world this side of a Nordic nightclub. We blend in. We also prefer not to cause a fuss. I'm generalising, I know. There's the occasional mad farmer or suicide princess, but that's because we also specialise in outliers.

Which reluctantly brings me to Col. Willie Apiata. I imagine he's ESPing a STFU to everyone who matters right now, seeing it's his neck (and his mates) on the line. But this thing has a long way to go yet. He's been caught up in the political dredge net.

John Key pulled in the brass to try and shut it all down with a press conference, but this one looks like a bleeder. There's one of John Key's point blank blurts on what exactly the NZSAS contingent will and won't do as part of their duties, and how that might contradict a random foreign photojournalist with a scoop. I mean honestly, what are the odds?

Colin Espiner has a good take on it all (welcome back Colin). If Labour don't have a ball with this one in the first Question Time, it should be Phil Goff's balls on a plate to his caucus. And here's hoping Willie Apiata gets a medal or promotion for dealing with all the political bullshit.