Monday, February 25, 2008

Interview with the Werewolf

Wednesday will be interesting. Winston Peters returns to the country and the peasants are revolting. Well, the press gallery is. Finally. After much prodding and ribbing from the blogosphere. Wednesday is the day that we find out if the werewolf still has it in him. Journos beware. One cannot let one's guard down to this political animal.

For starters, it would help get your facts straight from the get-go. Loose use of figures might be OK for the public, but it takes a steady aim to hit the werewolf where it hurts. The donation is not "$100,000," as Audrey Young is tossing around. It might be, but that bit of gossip is not out in the public domain yet. Retro MP Dail Jones said between 10 and 100K, closer to 100K. That narrows it down to anywhere between 55 and 100K.

The only categorical statements from Winston so far is that he has denied that the cash came from Owen Glenn, and that Dail Jones is completely wrong. Reckon he won't have too much difficulty with either point.