Monday, February 05, 2007

One Love "clarifies" BYO policy

Up until this evening, One Love had been advertised as "No BYO - It will be confiscated. Bags will be checked for glass and alcohol." But tonight I see that this is not so, and management have offered a clarification:
"There are no liquor control bylaws for the Hataitai Velodrome. BYO is
acceptable for the venue but organisers will strictly enforce the no-glass
policy. This clarifies previous statements that there was to be no BYO."
This is good news. I was worried that One Love was going the way of most public events, that is, turning into a kindergarten. No champagne breakfasts, but at least a bladder of wine is permitted.

In other news, David Haywood has drawn attention to Jeffy James' NZ flag design over at Yellow Peril's Forum. This took me back to the good old days (2 years ago), when I was collecting NZ Flag Referendum signatures. We had a placard of various designs. Jeffy James' one on the top right was the most popular, with Kyle McLaughlin's one on the bottom left second most popular. If it came down to these designs, I'd choose Jeffy's: