Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Not fit for human consumption

Frontseat and the Herald have been searching for the best and worst looking buildings. While there are dozens of finalists for the ugliest award, few have been nominated for the best design. The Herald haven't found any in good ones in Auckland, while a Frontseat reader nominated the Town Hall, The Civic and perhaps Force.

The Herald's finalists in the ugly department feature the Auckland Central Police station and 8 Burgoyne St in Newton. I would nominate the heroin needle at KY City. In fact, I'd nominate the whole Auckland central city area. It has the appeal and aesthetics of a refrigerator graveyard.

The Architecture website shows a couple of good Wellington designs, the Futuna Chapel and the Epuni St apartments off Aro Valley (see image). I'd nominate the Council and Central Library buildings.

Then again, Wellington also has some really bad designs, such as the Beehive, Courtenay apartments and Wellington Central Police Station. The police station follows the precedent set by the Palmerston North City Council building, otherwise known as the Grounded Aircraft Carrier.