Friday, February 25, 2005

Podcasting; the new pirate radio

Geeksheets New Scientist and Wired have featured stories on the wonder of podcasting. Download new music, interviews, comedy sketches, even bible stories straight to an MP3 player of your choice thanks to iPodder. It also lets anyone with rudimentary computer skills start their own amateur broadcasting. Podcasting avoids the licensing fees, advertising crap and regulation that AM/FM stations face.

It's almost as easy as blogging and with a lot less typing required! Check out iPodder for a glimpse of the possibilities. What a great way to do interviews and cover the election... :-)

Any reason National Radio isn't streamed? It's good enough for RadioActive, Kiwi, NewstalkZB, bFM, MoronFM, and ZMFM (Note: spits the dummy in Firefox).