Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sun on Earth

Sweet screaming monkeys. An international band of gronks is building a proof of concept model of the Tao of the Quantum Holistic Gargle Blaster.

Let me unzip that a bit for casual readers. As regular readers will know, I've been banging on about thorium reactors for some time. Infinitely cheap electricity and no-one has to close a smelter or monopsonise anything.

They might also remember that a gronk is shorthand for Great Wonk, a good hard scientist, as opposed to those waffly soft "sciences" like economics or politics. And thirdly, the machine is called Iter, which is Latin for Tao.

Put it back together and you're looking at some mind-buggeringly big numbers, a Post-Cold War tech swap that makes today's patent wars look petty in comparison, and a cautionary note that one should always know where your towel is.