Saturday, January 12, 2013

Square pegs and elliptical boxes

I've just been checking out the upcoming Census 2013 details. That old chestnut "What is your religion?" has popped up on the forms again, and I'm pondering my truthful response.

No religion doesn't fit. Everyone has a code. Jedi isn't recognised by the taxonomists to be valid like the more orthodox cults, no matter how many more people ticked that box back in 2001. Neither does Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster seem appetising. Those Pastafarians are too strident and earnest anyway.

I've decided on "It's Complicated." It's a more universally understandable term than the more concise "Tao of the Quantum Holistic Gargleblaster."

UPDATE: I just remembered I've already had this discussion. I'm a Heretic, after being converted by the apostle Freeman Dyson. I can't imagine how being a heretic at home can be worse than what the bible says happens to prophets.