Saturday, March 12, 2011


If you thought M*A*S*H* ran for ages, the war on drugs continues at triple the running length with no end in sight. Over 36 years and we're no closer to a ceasefire from the state than we were in Muldoon's day. The police continue to wield the Misuse of Drugs Act as a tool of oppression and collateral damage.

What's a pacifist to do in a war zone? Render aid.

 The Compassion Tour 2011 team launches in front of NeuBus

The Compassion Tour kicked off Friday morning. It is on the way to Timaru in support of Peter Davy, a cancer survivor who is facing unjust imprisonment as well as losing the support for his partner who has advanced Multiple Sclerosis. Peter is determined to go on hunger strike if he is imprisoned. It's the only tool he has left, the tool of the political dissident.

Peter Davy is due to be sentenced at Timaru Court House next week. Dakta Green and a team of volunteers from The Daktory are on their way down to gather people for a candlelight vigil outside Timaru Courthouse next Tuesday 15th, the night before Peter is sentenced on Wednesday 16th.

It would be remiss to avoid Christchurch in its time of need as well. Everyone at The Daktory was speechless the night of the earthquake. Hillary Barry's staunch and professional marathon frontage on TV3 sunk into us all. Searching for a way for us in Auckland to help those in Christchurch, I contacted a mate working in the Civil Defence Beehive Bunker:
Me: We have a bus and a bunch of volunteers keen to help with ChCh in any way. You looking for any help?
Them: LOL thanks we'll keep it in mind. Shall I tell the boss that a bunch of stoners wants to help?
Me: Paula Rebstock would approve. Welfare to Work indeed!
Them: Offers of help:
There was no way I was contacting the Department of Infernal Affairs. I have an axe to grind with them. And I'm sure no offence was meant by the "bunch of stoners" jibe as well, but this is the same dreary stereotype that really pisses me off (Andrew Sullivan shares this sentiment). We are not all Cheech and Chong idiots incapable of action or organisation. We are a social club stitched right through the fabric of NZ society, as valid as Ratana, Black Seeds and Bro Town.

After many joint conferences in smoke-filled clubrooms, we decided to do what was in our power to provide for the people of Christchurch; medicine and humanitarian supplies.

Assorted survival supplies have been donated by our hundreds of Daktory members including cash, blankets, cans, baby supplies, water, chemical toilets and gas stoves. These will be handed over to the Christchurch Mayoral Fund.

The Compassion Tour will also be helping salve the psychic injuries and chronic medical conditions of the Christchurch residents who can't or won't leave their quake ravaged city. The team will be handing out donated medicinal cannabis supplies at Switched On Gardener Linwood on Monday. Here's a few photos of the Daktory members preparing the rescue kits:

Daktory Working Bee for Christchurch Earthquake Relief
What shall we do with a half-Deaf Aspie? Put him on the scales!
420 Nurse sez "Help is on the way, Christchurch!"

We wish the Compassion Tour all the best on their trip, and the very best of outcomes for Peter Davy and Christchurch.