Saturday, March 19, 2011

Michael Laws releases eau de toilette

Talk show host, Sunday Star Times columnist and former mayor of Whanganui Michael Laws released an eau de toilette at a press conference earlier today. The new fragrance, Tunc, is being marketed to the urbane red-neck, featuring a refreshing blend of oreagris (eel urine) and white wine vinegar with an afternote of reflux that really lingers.

"I know what people want to smell. They want to smell me. They want to smell like me," said Michael Laws at the press conference, held at Captain Wang's Hall of Mirrors conference centre in Whanganui. "Tunc also is 110 proof, meaning it can not only be used as a perfume, but also for drinking as well," said Laws.

Tunc will be available at all good $2 Shops.