Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The Devil You Know

Glad to see I'm not the only one in shock, dismay and general consternation that National MP for Rangitikei Simon Power is retiring after one term in government. I went to school with Simon Power, playing King of the Castle round at his parent's house on occasion. It seems he was on good terms with Duncan Garner and Patrick Gower, who both gave heart-felt posts on Power's exit. The end of this frank interview gave an indication on the why of it:
"What matters in politics is ideas... Too often we're consumed with what one individual does or doesn't do or doesn't say. But the battle of ideas I think is a really important part of the idealism of participating in politics. And I've always said I've wanted to leave before the idealism dried up."

He will be missed. His replacement probably wears pearls. This could get very interesting very quickly.

Oh, and good on the NZ Bloggers' Union providing comic relief over the Otautahi earthquake. From each according to their talents, to each according to their needs.